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Zinagi is a consultancy based in Japan, specialized in finding business partners and commercial opportunities for our clients.

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Who we are

Established in 2013, Zinagi is a successful consulting firm that propels life science enterprises to new heights. Based in Japan, we facilitate global partnerships between life science organizations seeking international business and research collaborations.

Beyond traditional consultation, we share risks and go into the field alongside our clients. Our tailored solutions, as illustrated by our success stories, drive innovation and growth. From medical imaging AI solutions to innovative drug discovery platforms and out-licensing of drug molecules, Zinagi stands ready as your partner.

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Working With Us

Zinagi has a customized approach to each client’s needs, as there is no one-size-fits-all. Below are examples on how we support clients.

Find commercial partners
Develop business strategies
Negotiate contracts
Sales and marketing
Pitch ideas at events
Plan and support clients’ events, conferences and match making events


Felix Rehnberg
Thomas Jonsson
Stefan Pitovski



Zinagi connected us to our first big pharma partner, which was key to establishing our credibility in the drug discovery space.

Ryu Ogawa, Molcure (CEO)

Zinagi has been critical for our asset development in the Japanese market, specifically their support in deal negotiation and execution.

Eli Lyons, GenomeMiner (CEO)
Rosemary Shull, AMRA (Former SVP BD)

With Zinagi supporting us in scouting and negotiating deals across APAC, and then providing account management support, we were able to access new markets and revenue streams.

Magnus Aurell, Exini (Former CEO)

Zinagi Managed the whole deal-making process for our flagship product, EXINI BONE, which generated significant revenues for the company. The partnership with Zinagi is one of the most important in the company’s 20+ year history.



Drug discovery platform

A venture company with a unique technology for developing antibody-based drug candidates needed help connecting with pharma partners. Zinagi connected them globally making it possible for them to get funding and grow, closing important deals with two US corporations.

Synthetic Biology company

Zinagi was approached (after being recommended by another client) to assess market opportunity and a develop a business plan for this company’s new drug development platform. Zinagi committed to making key contacts in the pharma sector, making a commercial assessment, and developing a business strategy for the company.

Ai imaging company

A European imaging AI company asked Zinagi to develop its relationships and business interests in Japan. We delivered 5 deals over a decade that saw their flagship technology adopted throughout Japan in almost 1000 hospitals and becoming part of standard clinical workflow.

University Life science tech

A prominent Swedish tech university partnered with us to identify commercial prospects for early-stage, research-based technologies. We identified 10-15 potential partners for each technology, conducted interviews, and facilitated connections with the inventors to steer the development towards commercial viability.

Cognitive training technology

A North American cognitive training technology company with commercial activity there and in Europe was looking for opportunities to enter the Japanese market. Zinagi developed key relationships, including with a multi-billion dollar sized Japanese technology company.

 US green biotech

A US green biotech startup with early assets believed to be interesting for Japan, requested Zinagi’s support to guide them building relations and partner with a Japanese chemical company. Closely working together led to success and an ongoing multiyear R&D collaboration on multiple targets.

 Imaging CRO

Leading iCRO seeking to expand geographical reach contracted Zinagi to support business strategy development, lead generation, market communication, sales pitches, facilitate negotiations and contracting, and account management.

 Imaging Biomarker Company

European innovative imaging biomarker startup looking at business and collaborations with APAC contracted Zinagi for support. Academic and industry projects were successfully started in Japan, Australia and Singapore providing revenues, data and publications.

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