Market Access Strategies for
Life Science Businesses.

Zinagi is a boutique consulting company based in Japan specialized in life science.

Thomas Jonsson

Who We Are

Zinagi was established 2013 by Thomas Jonsson. We support life science companies and organizations that either wants to do something in Japan, or Japanese organizations looking at reaching out internationally. All consultants at Zinagi are bilingual and have international business experience. We often support clients both at a strategic and operational level, and, unlike many other consultants, are more than happy to share risk and go out in the field.


Zinagi does not have a menu of services as each case is unique and demands novel solutions. Instead we communicate and customize, and with time change, how we support a client. Zinagi has even bought licenses and attained commercial rights in partnerships with former clients. This is how much we have believed in the companies and opportunities!

Medical Software Company

A European venture company developing advanced software for hospital use was contacted by a Japanese large company. Understanding they needed help they asked Zinagi to support promotion and negotiations. Many years and three deals later, with the software used in almost 1000 hospitals, Zinagi is still trusted and the partnership is only becoming bigger.

Antibody Discovery Platform

This venture company has a unique patented technology. They also wanted unique support. Zinagi supports them with business development activities and has secured several global clients for the company making it possible to raise funds and grow. In this case Zinagi shares risk and are in for the long run with own skin in the game.

Medical Imaging WebApp

This was such an interesting challenging opportunity that Zinagi ended up buying the rights for Asia Pacific and today market the system ourselves! We have made it available in several Asian languages and established our own partnerships in local markets.

Japanese Pharmaceutical Company

This company was looking for drug delivery technologies outside Japan. Zinagi was asked to audit the field in US and Europe. Today we are still a trusted partner and support everything from business meeting planning to contract negotiations.

Japanese Technology Company

A taskforce in this company was assigned to look at how they could apply their technologies and experiences into new business fields. When they started to look into life science, they contacted Zinagi. We conducted audits, business plans, supported the establishment of a science lab abroad, and with many other commercial activities over the years.

Sport Equipment Manufacturer

This client manufactures the highest quality equipment in the field and was looking at expanding into new markets. Zinagi became their partner on this and now do everything from their business development, dealer contacts to SNS strategy/implementation. And yes! We are also users of their brand!

How Can We Help?

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